Living costs


  • There are no specific study fees for foreign students at UFV. In general, a foreign student needs at least 800 reais per month to spend on essentials, which does not include leisure activities.
  • Student card – R$6,00. This fee must be paid at UFVCredi after enrolling and receiving guidance from DRI.
  • Books and material will usually be available in the libraries, and if it is necessary to take some copies, it might cost few reais(maximum $ 0.15 per sheet).
  • Students can access the computer lab of their own department or, if they prefer, the lab in the Banco Caixa Econômica building. To do this, simply present your student ID.
  • In many points of the campus, there is wireless internet available. To gain access to it, the student shall register him/herself at Diretoria de Tecnologia de Informação – DTI.


  • Upon arrival in Brazil, the student should contact DRI to receive information about the process of legalization of stay in the country, procedure carried out by the Federal Police before completing 90 days from the arrival date. Initially, you have to do an Initial Registration, following the information of the  Initial Registration/Extension link.

  • At the University Restaurant meals are offered at low cost. It is necessary to present the student card with active credits.

University Restaurant

  • Opening a bank account is free. Other service fees will vary from bank to bank.
  • UFV has a Health Division, which offers free medical care in several specialties to all students. It is sufficient that the student is enrolled in the University.

  • The university does not have accommodation for foreign students. Thus, students can rent apartments or share a house with other students. This type of accommodation, common in Viçosa, is locally called student republics . UFV Ambassadors help foreign students find accommodation.


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